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"Great Ideas of Homeschooling"

Soy fan de Linda Schrock Taylor; sus artículos me encantan, sobretodo cuando escribe sobre homeschooling. Escribe bien porque sabe de lo que habla. Y sabe de lo que habla porque hace lo que escribe: es una madre homeschooler.

"To those who wish to homeschool but are not making the decision; nor devising a plan; nor taking action to do so – all because you feel that you are not up to the job; that you lack knowledge and instruction in certain subjects; please carefully note my wording: "My son and I are currently studying…The Great Ideas of Philosophy."

I did not say, "I am teaching my son the great ideas of philosophy."

In our homeschool we study with our son so that his education will not be restricted or delayed due to our inadequacies, or the inadequacies of our public school educations. If we do not know something, we say, "I don't know. Let's read further; let's seek other books on the topic."
Are we fully knowledgeable in all of the subjects that we have wanted this child to study? Of course not! Are we able to serve as team leaders in the seeking of knowledge? Of course! In the early grades, we were several steps ahead of our pupil. In middle school we managed to stay a couple steps ahead in most classes. In high school, as his knowledge and skills developed to such extraordinary levels, he "left us in his dust."
If you have the desire to homeschool, do it! Parents, you have the responsibility for educating your children, not the State."

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Anónimo dijo...

un favorcito para esta lectora que no domina mcuho el ingles, podrias traducir los textos, si no es mucho pedir

Lau dijo...

Claro Janneth, te los traduciré pero no prometo que sea pronto...

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