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Homeschooling and the Myth of Socialization

Manfred B. Zisk publicó en 1999 un interesante y clarificador artículo sobre el mito de la socialización (más bien, la falta de ella) de los niños homeschoolers. A este tópico, fundado en el más absoluto desconocimiento, Zisk responde con argumentos expresados con un lenguaje claro y directo:

"Isn't it interesting that amid all of the public school shootings over the past few years, the only comment that opponents of homeschooling can come up with is the red herring of "socialization"?
A family member asked my wife, "Aren't you concerned about his (our son's) socialization with other kids?". My wife gave this response: "Go to your local middle school, junior high, or high school, walk down the hallways, and tell me which behavior you see that you think our son should emulate." Good answer.
Meanwhile, in public school, children are segregated by age, and have very little interaction with other adults, except their teacher(s). This environment only promotes alienation from different age groups, especially adults. This is beginning to look like the real socialization problem.

My wife and I like to bring our son with us when we are visiting with friends and other adults. How else will he learn to be an adult, if he never has contact with adults? He knows what kind of behavior we expect from him, and the consequences of his actions. He is often complimented on his good manners by friends and adults."

El artículo completo en la página de Lew Rockwell.

Y la traducción en TarkusKids

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